If you are looking for personal service, look no further - Trust Lexa Records

Lexa Records
offers medical support services to a network of more than 500 doctors throughout Texas. We have developed efficient methods of organizing, storing, and handling your medical records, while removing time-consuming tasks at little or no cost to you.  Relax knowing that professionals, experienced in State and Federal Laws, are protecting the confidentiality of your records. Let us free up your time so your staff can focus on your patients and their needs.

Our Services Include:

Release of Information: Lexa Records responds to different types of record requests in an efficient manner at no cost to you. We handle multiple facilities within the state of Texas.
Scanning and EHR Conversion: Lexa Records will help you transform your medical records from paper charts to electronic resources assuring quality and low cost.  We also offer ongoing document attaching to patients' charts.
Hospital Medical Records Department Management: Lexa Records can place one of  our medical records specialists within your hospital to handle your medical records department. You will save money on payroll, reduce supervision duties, and increase your efficiency. 

Custodian of Record for Retired Doctors: Lexa Records can help you towards a blissful retirement. Let us take care of your medical records and all headaches associated with release of information.
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