Attaching and EMR/EHR Conversion

With today's fast moving environment and changing government legislation, medical record departments have gone through significant changes.  Converting to EHR can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Many physicians have switched their paper charts to electronic charts. We can help you manage this process, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.  Lexa Records will allow your facility to create realistic budgets because our pricing and payment structure is based on your specific needs and time frame.

If you have recently converted to an EHR system and want to integrate old paper charts into your new system, we can handle this for you according to your deadlines and requirements. Our fully trained staff members are familiar with medical terminology, and will attach documents to the correct category. This eliminates many clerical duties from your staff.  

If you have already been using an EHR system and you are looking for cost-saving strategies, our medical record specialists will attach documents to your patients’ charts on a daily basis. We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround at a reasonable cost to you, while ensuring that our employees undergo continuous training to minimize the possibility of error.  You will experience consistency and efficiency of this process.