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The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS) is an organization of executives from the leading health information management (HIM) outsourcing companies who promote excellence in managing risk and compliance issues around disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). (Press Release announcing our partnership)

Companies to which healthcare organizations outsource aspects of the health information management process — for example, transcription, coding, document management and release of information (ROI) — have arisen in response to the healthcare industry’s need to perform these services more economically and with greater knowledge and precision.

Established in 1996, AHIOS’s mission is to strengthen and enhance the health information management outsourcing industry while promoting excellence in the handling and dissemination of confidential patient-identifiable information. To this end, a large component of our work as an organization is involved with pursuing fair and equitable treatment of the industry through legislative, regulatory and legal processes.

Ultimately, our goal as an organization is to ensure that healthcare organizations will always have cost-effective resources for outsourcing their health information management functions — and that in outsourcing they gain not only fiscal relief but access to a cadre of specialists who have the industry’s most advanced training and tools at their disposal for safeguarding one of healthcare’s most precious and complex resources: confidential patient information.

Video – Understanding the Release of Information Process: The Misconceptions Related to Processing and Delivering Electronic Health Records © Copyright Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services 2014. This video may be used for educational purposes without written permission but with a citation to this source.

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