Release of Information

Our clients tell us repeatedly that the main reason they outsource to Lexa Records is because we have a far greater knowledge of State and Federal regulations regarding releasing records than their office staff has.   This is an added layer of protection for you.

Managing the Release of Information process is a daunting task.  Outsourcing to Lexa Records benefits your practice in cost reduction and fewer administrative burdens.  Relax knowing that professionals, experienced in state and federal laws, are managing this entire process including receiving the request, customer service requirements, turnaround time, invoicing and collecting payments.  We are committed to providing outstanding customer service while maintaining a close relationship with our clients. Our fully trained staff ensures prompt responses to our clients' questions and concerns.  Lexa Records is 100% HIPAA & HITECH compliant, and one of our main responsibilities is to maintain the security and confidentiality of PHI.  All team-members are educated concerning federal and state laws as they protect the confidentiality of your records.

All requests go through Lexa Records’ rigorous quality control process.  Our efficient QC process was developed and designed to minimize the risk of potential breach, unauthorized disclosures, and any other potential privacy issues.

The Lexa Records Request Management and Tracking System (LexStar) provides tracking of every record request from start to finish.  LexStar eliminates duplication of requests through data matching.  We update LexStar with any communication to and from the requestor, plus the various steps in the ROI process. We provide detailed reporting for all the various ROI steps weekly, monthly, annually, or as needed. 

We respond to and complete medical record requests from Social Security (DDS), workers compensation, patients, doctors, subpoenas, attorneys, insurance companies, third party vendors, risk adjustments and others.  We make all necessary contacts regarding incomplete or invalid requests, and take all phone calls from requestors. Most of these parties are under constant pressure to retrieve medical and billing records within a specific time frame.  Within 24 hours of receiving the request, the requestors are contacted via fax or a phone call. Records are released within 24 hours after receiving all necessary release documents, applicable payments, and/or legally mandated waiting periods. All follow-up work is done at our office.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Chart Reviews require doctors to submit complete diagnostic data for Medicare Members that are enrolled in specific plans.  Lexa Records provides peace of mind to your site, and will help facilitate and complete the required CMS chart requests ensuring strict deadlines are met.

Furthermore, we help complete and notarize legal documents associated with requests. To make the process convenient for you, we can access your charts remotely from our office.  Or if you prefer, we can work within your facility.

As a result of outsourcing this task, you will experience a decrease in your cost for payroll, training, copiers, toner, office and mailing supplies. Your staff no longer has the burden of handling follow-up phone calls and faxes to and from the requestors. Copies of records will be delivered efficiently and in compliance with state and federal laws.

Lexa Records’ commitment to our clients and their patients is 100% complete satisfaction. We will provide you with transparent services and provide an ROI experience better than any other vendor or in-house operation can.

Your staff can devote all their time and efforts to your patients and their care.