We e-file approximately 15,000 scans per day and prepare chart notes when moving to a new version of EMR system.. Each page of every scan is reviewed to verify only one patient is concerned, all pages would fall under one service type. This is billed per scan, no matter how may pages are contained within the scan. Items are attached with a turnaround time of 2 hours to next business day, depending on their priority. Our knowledgeable team will create and follow standardized charting for your site, reducing filing errors. Our E-Filing service will increase accuracy and overall physician satisfaction.

Revenue Cycle Management

Medicare Risk Adjustment Reviews

Most times work is done free of charge (depending on your contract with the payer) to the site with no management fee. Calls to the sites are minimized. We handle United Healthcare, Humana, WellMed, Superior, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Universal Healthcare.

Claims, HEDIS, Pre and Post-Pay Audits

Fulfilling medical records requests for these types of audits. We work directly with the business office.

Medical Records Release of Information

Every request for records we receive goes through a rigorous, detailed process. Lexa Records does the following, allowing the site to focus on patient care.

  • Ensure all requests meet State and Federal statutes and laws
  • Complete all legal documents
  • Follows a rigorous quality control process throughout, as well as prior to releasing records
  • Securely provides records to the requestor
  • Provide logs of work if requested
  • Work directly with your attorneys when a healthcare liability claim is filed against one of your doctors

Receiving & distributing incoming faxes among all PODS using your current systems in place

We can efficiently distribute all incoming faxes to your providers or anyone else at your office, or efficiently file in patient charts.

EHR Conversion

With today's fast moving environment and changing government legislation, medical records departments have gone through significant changes. Converting to EHR can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Many physicians have switched their paper charts to electronic charts. We can help you manage this process, making it as smooth and efficient as possible. Lexa Records will allow your facility to create realistic budgets because our pricing and payment structure is based on your specific needs and time frame.

If you have recently converted to an EHR system and want to integrate old paper charts into your new system, we can handle this for you according to your deadlines and requirements. Our fully trained staff members are familiar with medical terminology, and will attach documents to the correct category. This eliminates many clerical duties from your staff.

If you have already been using an EHR system and you are looking for cost-saving strategies, our medical records specialists will attach documents to your patients’ charts on a daily basis. We guarantee same day and next day turnaround, depending on the importance of the document, while ensuring that our employees undergo continuous training to minimize the possibility of error. You will experience consistency and efficiency of this process.

Insurance Verification

Allow us to assist with your insurance verification process prior to the patient’s first appointment to ensure all necessary information is collected from the payer.

FMLA Forms

We will remove this burden from your busy medical staff to ensure all forms are filled out correctly and sent to an appropriate insurance carrier. We will contact the patient on your behalf if any further information is needed.

Forwarding Notes to Referring Physicians

Let us send a copy of your note to the referring physician