With great confidence, I write this letter to recommend the professional services of Lexa Records. I, and others across a Physicians Group have been using Lexa Records for more than 10 years to perform attaching/ e-filing services. Eileen, Lexa, President Lexa Records, and the employees throughout the organization have always performed at or above expectations. Without hesitation I represent that I have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Our physician partners and personnel across our Physicians Group, benefit greatly from our patient files being current, and are therefore free to focus their time and energy on clinical matters of patient care. Lexa Records rates for services have always been extremely competitive. The company does an excellent job and are focused on efficiency, accuracy and integrity of our organization’s electronic files. A benefit of outsourcing these activities to Lexa Records is that we have always enjoyed access to senior management and the owners of the company. This personalized service is unfortunately rare in today’s corporate climate. I have the greatest confidence that Eileen Lexa and the professional team of Lexa Records would be an excellent selection for your practice.


We are writing this letter to recommend the services of Lexa Records. Our organization has been using Lexa Records for 14 years to perform both release of patient information and efiling services. Our physicians and staff benefited from patient files being current and our staff having the freedom to focus their time on patient care. The staff at Lexa is courteous, professional, and reliable in ensuring accuracy as well as availability. Additionally, the staff exhibits up to date knowledge of HIPAA rules and other state and federal laws applicable to release of records. Another benefit is access to not only their top management but also to the owners of the company who are very responsive and collaborative. We would recommend Lexa Records to provide medical record management services.

Managing Director | Chief of Operations

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Lexa Records. I have with large physician group for 12 years and have worked with Lexa since I can remember. We utilize Lexa Records to perform attaching/e-filing services and have always been completey satisfied with their performance. Our physicians and staff benefit from our patient files being current, and our staff is free to focus their time on patient care. Their rates are extremely competitive, they do an excellent job and are focused not only on efficiency but also the accuracy and integrity of our electronic files. Another benefit of outsourcing with Lexa Records is that you always have access not only to top management, but also the owners of the company Bill and Eileen are only a phone call away. As you know, this is extremely rare in the current corporate climate. I believe Lexa Records would be an excellent selection for your practice.


Our Central Billing Office has worked with Lexa Records since November of 2006. They have always been a reliable and extremely helpful resource in the sometimes confusing world of affidavits and subpoenas.

Business Services Manager

Keeping up with the changing HIPAA rules and regulations as they relate to medical records requests and other protected documents within our patients’ files, we have found the services of Lexa Records to be prompt, professional and accurate.

Executive Director, Practice Quality & Efficiency

We have benefited greatly from the service Lexa Records performs for us such as processing medical records requests and scanning documents into an electronic storage program. Their legal experience in medical records has been an asset to our business needs. The staff of Lexa Records is always knowledgeable, courteous and assistive to our staff and the community we serve.

Business Office Manager

Our hospital has benefited from the expertise and efficiency of the service provided by Lexa Records. Partners of Lexa Records visit their staff at the hospital at least once per quarter making sure their service is superior. Other medical records companies we have used in the past do not measure up to the professionalism, knowledge and efficiency of Lexa Records.

Director-Health Information Management

We have 17 Doctors/Physician Assistants at our clinic and have a unique situation because we are in the middle of converting from one EMR system to another and we also have paper charts. Lexa Records can navigate easily through each of our EMR systems. We are finally at ease knowing that we no longer have to worry about the wrong information being released, the legality of the requests or whether the requests are getting handled timely. I highly recommend Lexa Records over any records copying services in DFW area. Lexa Records will save you time, money, worries and the hassle associated with records requests.